101 RealTime Racing Wins

World Challenge 1993-Present

RealTime has amassed 101 race victories (59 in Touring Car, 25 in GT, 12 in GTS, and 5 in TCR) on 27 different tracks (17 Permanent, 10 Temporary circuits) in 12 different car models with these 17 drivers:


Peter Cunningham37
Pierre Kleinubing29
Ryan Eversley8
Michael Galati4
Kuno Wittmer4
Hugh Plumb3
Eric Curran2
Matt Plumb2
Brandon Davis1
Nick Esayian1
Kevin Schrantz1
Nick Wittmer1
Peter Cox / Mark Wilkins1
Mike Hedlund / Dane Cameron6
Bret Curtis / Dane Cameron1
Total RealTime Wins101 and counting


9/18/93Dallas (1)Peter CunninghamTouring CarHonda Prelude Si
7/3/93Sears Point (1)Peter CunninghamTouring CarHonda Prelude Si
7/24/93Lime Rock Park (1)Peter CunninghamTouring CarHonda Prelude Si
8/27/94Road Atlanta (1)Peter CunninghamTouring CarHonda Prelude Si
9/17/94Dallas (2)Peter CunninghamTouring CarHonda Prelude Si
8/5/95Trois-Rivières (1)Peter CunninghamTouring CarHonda Prelude Si
8/17/96Road America (1)Michael GalatiTouring CarHonda Prelude Si
9/21/96Reno (1)Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX
9/21/96Reno (2)Michael GalatiTouring CarHonda Prelude Si
10/5/96Sears Point (2)Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX
2/22/97St. Petersburg (1)Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX
6/15/97Mid-Ohio (1)Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX
6/29/97Watkins Glen (1)Michael GalatiTouring CarAcura Integra R
8/2/97Trois-Rivières (2)Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX
8/30/97Mosport (1)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra R
9/27/97Pikes Peak (1)Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX
9/27/97Pikes Peak (2)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra R
5/16/98Heartland Park (1)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra R
5/23/98Lime Rock Park (2)Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX
5/23/98Lime Rock Park (3)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra R
7/26/98Grand Rapids (1)Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX
8/1/98Trois-Rivières (3)Michael GalatiTouring CarAcura Integra R
9/26/98Pikes Peak (3)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra R
7/31/99Trois-Rivières (4)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra R
8/28/99Grand Rapids (2)Hugh PlumbTouring CarAcura Integra R
10/9/99Laguna Seca (1)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra R
5/20/00Charlotte (1)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra R
5/20/00Mosport (2)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra R
5/27/00Lime Rock Park (4)Kevin SchrantzTouring CarAcura Integra R
7/23/00Sears Point (3)Hugh PlumbTouring CarAcura Integra R
8/20/00St. Croix (1)Peter CunninghamGTBMW M3
8/20/00St. Croix (2)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra R
10/29/00Las Vegas (1)Hugh PlumbTouring CarAcura Integra R
3/16/01Sebring (1)Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX SC
3/16/01Sebring (2)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra R
5/19/01Mosport (3)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra R
5/20/01Mosport (4)Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX SC
5/28/01Lime Rock Park (5)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra R
6/17/01Detroit (1)Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX SC
9/9/01Laguna Seca (2)Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX SC
10/7/01Road Atlanta (2)Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX SC
3/16/02Sebring (3)Pierre Kleinubing Touring CarAcura Integra R
5/27/02Lime Rock Park (6)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra R
10/11/02Road Atlanta (3)Peter CunninghamTouring CarAcura Integra R
10/11/02Road Atlanta (4)Peter CunninghamTouring CarAcura NSX SC
10/27/02Virginia Int’l (1)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra R
5/17/03Mosport (5)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura RSX
5/25/03Lime Rock Park (7)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura RSX
10/17/03Road Atlanta (5)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura RSX
6/26/04Mid-Ohio (2)Matt PlumbTouring CarAcura TSX
7/24/04Portland (1)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura TSX
8/8/04Mosport (6)Matt PlumbTouring CarAcura TSX
9/24/04Road Atlanta (6)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura TSX
3/18/05Sebring (4)Peter CunninghamTouring CarAcura TSX
4/16/05Road Atlanta (7)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura TSX
5/22/05Mid-Ohio (3)Pierre KleinubingTouring Car Acura TSX
6/25/05Cleveland (1)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura TSX
8/10/05Denver (1)Eric CurranTouring CarAcura RSX
6/24/06Infineon (4)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura TSX
7/15/06Miller Motorsports Park (1)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura TSX
8/13/06Denver (2)Brandon DavisTouring CarAcura TSX
10/22/06Laguna Seca (3)Eric CurranTouring CarAcura RSX
7/8/07Toronto (1)Peter CunninghamTouring CarAcura TSX
10/21/07Laguna Seca (4)Peter CunninghamTouring CarAcura TSX
3/14/08Sebring (5)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura TSX
4/26/08Virginia Int'l (2)Kuno WittmerTouring CarAcura TSX
5/28/08Lime Rock Park (8)Kuno WittmerTouring CarAcura TSX
7/20/08Mid-Ohio (4)Kuno WittmerTouring CarAcura TSX
5/16/09Mosport (7)Kuno WittmerTouring CarAcura TSX
5/17/09Mosport (8)Peter CunninghamTouring CarAcura TSX
8/15/09Road America (2)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura TSX
10/11/09Laguna Seca (5)Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura TSX
3/27/10St. Petersburg (2)Peter CunninghamGTSAcura TSX
3/28/10St. Petersburg (3)Peter CunninghamGTSAcura TSX
7/3/10Watkins Glen (2)Peter CunninghamGTSAcura TSX
7/17/10Toronto (2)Peter CunninghamGTSAcura TSX
7/17/10Toronto (3)Nick WittmerTouring CarHonda Civic Si
8/7/10Mid-Ohio (5)Peter CunninghamGTSAcura TSX
8/8/10Mid-Ohio (6)Peter CunninghamGTSAcura TSX
9/11/10Virginia Int'l (3)Nick EsayianGTSAcura TSX
9/12/10Virginia Int'l (4)Peter CunninghamGTSAcura TSX
10/3/10Miller Motorsports Park (2)Peter CunninghamGTSAcura TSX
8/27/11Infineon (5)Peter CunninghamGTSAcura TSX
5/11/12Laguna Seca (6)Peter CunninghamGTSAcura TSX
8/4/12Mid-Ohio (7)Peter CunninghamGTSAcura TSX
3/28/15St. Petersburg (4)Ryan EversleyGTAcura TLX-GT
6/25/16Road America (3)Ryan EversleyGTAcura TLX-GT
6/26/16Road America (4)Ryan EversleyGTAcura TLX-GT
8/12/17Miller Motorsports Park (3)Peter Kox / Mark WilkinsGT SprintXAcura NSX GT3
4/28/18Virginia Int'l (5)Ryan EversleyTCRHonda Civic Type R
5/26/18Lime Rock Park (9)Ryan EversleyTCRHonda Civic Type R
7/15/18Portland (2)Ryan EversleyTCRHonda Civic Type R
9/1/18Watkins Glen (3)Ryan EversleyTCRHonda Civic Type R
9/2/18Watkins Glen (4)Ryan EversleyTCRHonda Civic Type R
4/28/19VIRginia Int'l (6)Bret Curtis / Dane CameronGT Pro-AmAcura NSX GT3 Evo
6/8/19Sonoma Raceway (6)Mike Hedlund / Dane CameronGT Pro-AmAcura NSX GT3 Evo
8/31/19Watkins Glen (3)Mike Hedlund / Dane CameronGT Pro-AmAcura NSX GT3 Evo
9/1/19Watkins Glen (4)Mike Hedlund / Dane CameronGT Pro-AmAcura NSX GT3 Evo
9/21/19Road America (5)Mike Hedlund / Dane CameronGT Pro-AmAcura NSX GT3 Evo
9/22/19Road America (6)Mike Hedlund / Dane CameronGT Pro-AmAcura NSX GT3 Evo
10/19/19Las Vegas Motor Speedway (1)Mike Hedlund / Dane CameronGT Pro-AmAcura NSX GT3 Evo

NOTE: Number in parentheses equals number of wins at that circuit. Touring Car was designated 'Class C' in 1993, 'Super Production' from 1994-95 and 'T-2' from 1996-2000. GT was designated 'T-1' from 1996-2000.


Drivers' Championships

Now in our 30th year of World Challenge competition, RealTime Racing has won 16 Championships. In addition to the 16 Drivers' Titles, RealTime has been runner-up and third place in the Championships 10 times each.


2019Mike Hedlund / Dane Cameron (Team)GT Pro/AmAcura NSX GT3 Evo
2018Ryan EversleyTCRHonda Civic Type R TCR
2012Peter CunninghamGTSAcura TSX
2010Peter CunninghamGTSAcura TSX
2009Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura TSX
2008Peter CunninghamTouring CarAcura TSX
2006Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura TSX
2005Peter CunninghamTouring CarAcura TSX
2002Peter CunninghamTouring CarAcura Integra Type R
2001Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra Type R
2000Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra Type R
1998Michael GalatiTouring CarAcura Integra Type R
1997Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX
1997Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra Type R
1996Michael GalatiTouring CarHonda Prelude Si
1995Peter CunninghamTouring CarHonda Prelude Si


2010Nick EsayianGTSAcura TSX
2008Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura TSX
2003Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura RSX
2002Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX SC
2002Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra Type R
2001Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX SC
1999Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra Type R
1998Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura Integra Type R
1994Peter CunninghamTouring CarHonda Prelude Si
1993Peter CunninghamTouring CarHonda Prelude Si


2011Peter CunninghamGTSAcura TSX
2009Peter CunninghamTouring CarAcura TSX
2008Kuno WittmerTouring CarAcura TSX
2007Kuno WittmerTouring CarAcura RSX
2005Pierre KleinubingTouring CarAcura TSX
2004Matt PlumbTouring CarAcura TSX
2000Kevin SchrantzTouring CarAcura Integra Type R
1999Hugh PlumbTouring CarAcura Integra Type R
1998Peter CunninghamGTAcura NSX
1997Michael GalatiTouring CarAcura Integra Type R


Manufacturers' Championships

RealTime has not always won these Manufacturers' titles single-handedly, but has been the leading points contributor.